Program & Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Hear from top scientists about the latest advances in the area. The committee has selected speakers who lead their fields to present on key topics of interest to the whole community.

Tutorial Speakers

Tutorial speakers are invited to present longer, in-depth discussions of select topics.

Invited Speakers

Speakers from prestigious institutions and companies will give talks on relevant topics.

Programme (click for downloading)


Poster session

The poster session will be an interactive virtual poster session using the Mozilla Hubs platform (thanks to POM for the tips). All the details can be found here below (click to download)

The poster session will take place at the times indicated in red in the conference program. The posters will be always present in the virtual rooms.

Find here below the schedule for the poster session. The day in RED indicates which rooms will be presenting in first priority.

Since the virtual rooms will be online all throughout the conference, you can visit the posters at any time and the presenters can be at their posters in all the sessions.

The codes for the virtual rooms will be sent by email prior to the beginning of the conference

Please download the submitted abstracts by the corresponding poster session room: Download abstracts.

Zoom link for the webinar: Webinar