Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are unipolar optoelectronic devices that exploit optical transitions between electronic subbands in semiconductor quantum wells. Now over 25 years from their first experimental realization, QCLs have proven to provide outstanding performance across the mid-infrared and terahertz (THz) spectral ranges. The QCL has already been commercialized by a number of companies, and is a core photonic component in a variety of applications such as: environmental and security sensing; telecommunications; and metrology. The QCL is also an exciting vehicle for the pursuit of fundamental blue sky research, including coherent control in condensed matter systems and developing quantum technologies.

IQCLSW 2020 will be the ninth conference in this successful series. It will bring together leading international researchers in the field of QCLs, both established and early career, and the program will consist of a series of presentations spanning all aspects of QCLs, from fundamental physics to the exploitation and applications of this technology.

The workshop will cover device design, modeling, characterization and testing, as well as the basics of laser/detector transport and optical confinement. Applications, such as high-resolution spectroscopy, chemical sensing for a variety of diagnostic uses, coherent detection, and imaging will also be discussed. Key features of the workshop will be international participation, connection to applications, as well as an educational tilt for PhD students.

The conference will also invovle with new subjects related to:

– Interband cascade lasers (ICLs)
– New microcavity and ultrafast detector technology
– Topological photonics
– Optical frequency comb generation and spectroscopy
– New photonic crystal concepts
– Ultra-low dissipation device and design
– New materials including but not limited to Ge, SiGe, ZnO, 2D materials
– Microcavity devices
– Mid-infrared integrated photonic systems

Previous meetings, listed below, have been successfully attended with typically 150 participants. IQCLSW 2020 will continue this important event, presenting the recent advances in the domain of QCLs and related phenomena.


2020 – IQCLSW 2018 – Monte Verita, Switzerland

2018 – Cassis, France
2016 – Cambridge, UK
2014 – Policoro, Italy
2012 – Baden, Austria
2010 – Florence, Italy
2008 – Monte Verita, Switzerland
2006 – Brindisi, Italy
2004 – Seville, Spain